Why Work with PowerGas Corporation?

Our work at PowerGas Corporation falls into two main service categories as we work to assist clients with energy management: PowerGas Consulting (PGC) and PowerGas Solutions (PGS).

PowerGas Consulting

PowerGas Consulting (PGC) provides energy management advisory services and automated energy management software which delivers actionable data driven results. This information will assist in directing decisions to create and sustain energy cost mitigation and long-term strategic energy value. At PGC, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies couple best in class reporting and data management analytics to promote a platform for long-term facility/portfolio sustainability and resiliency. PGC’s team also offers certified Energy Star® Data Management Scoring and Energy Star® Certifications for facilities requiring this service.

Our Energy Information Suite (EIS) is a cloud-based system that utilizes a facility tree, providing a hierarchy of data at the meter level organization-wide.

EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
Ongoing Automated Data Acquisition and Bill Validation with Monthly Metric Audits for All Service Accounts
EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
Energy Usage and Cost reporting*
*All reports are full exportable to ensure ease of use for clients
EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
Weather Normalization
EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
Facility Management Tools and Custom Groupings
EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
Invoice Management
EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
Facility Benchmarking
EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
Greenhouse Gas Reporting
EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
Energy Star Management Services
EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
Interval Data Reporting
EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
Real time Metering and Sub-metering Implementations and Reporting
EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
“Best in Class” Automated Demand Response (ADR) for Electric Cost mitigation
EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
AP Processing (AKA Bill Prep) & Custom Report Implementation
EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
Full Bill Payment Services
EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
Sustainability; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)
EIS offered by PowerGas provides:
Access and Security for Unlimited Number of Users

Why Choose EIS?

The 10 questions below may provide some insight as you determine if the PowerGas Energy Information Suite is the right fit for your organization:

Question #1
Does your facilities team complain about not being able to find an invoice? Is organization of utility documentation and billing a challenge?
The Energy Information Suite (EIS) can be a powerful tool for many organizations trying to get a handle on energy utilization. This suite combines an organization’s utility bills and consumption data into one central location, at the enterprise level. This capability not only makes it easy to access all information of interest in one place, but also offers a comprehensive look at energy consumption. Beyond serving as an organization system, our EIS also allows organizations to immediately access data, including historical information.
Question #2
Seeking the ability to compare energy usage between several facilities?
EIS can make it happen through the benchmarking tool. The ability to compare weather-normalized energy usage per square foot becomes possible with our EIS. In addition, you gain the option to accurately rank facilities by their energy usage or make year-over-year comparisons. With this information, imagine what you can do.
Question #3
Curious as to how improvements made to date regarding energy efficiency are affecting current consumption?
PowerGas can provide an Annual Energy Summary that does just that. With this custom report you can review energy usage and compare year-over-year while isolating the weather variable.
Question #4
Need to track utilities, but don’t have the time to check each and every utility company portal on a routine basis?
From regulated to deregulated commodity types, EIS can track anything that has an invoice. With the ability to handle a variety of utilities, our comprehensive suite can track these components:
  • usage
  • cost
  • demand
EIS has the ability to handle information for various utility types including electricity, water, waste, and natural gas. Our EIS solution can track limitless facilities, and accounts. The PowerGas EIS can also audit and provide tariff verification to establish integrity in both the calculated costs, and the rates incurred for utility-based invoices or third-party contracting.
Question #5
Juggling facility management for several locations in a city? How about within the state? Or an entire service region?
With the EIS portal, you can track all facilities in one easy-to-access place. Add to that convenience, the ability to group facilities by state, region, utility provider, or by operational variance giving you the power to group facilities that act similarly.
Question #6
Looking for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reporting you can use for sustainability planning?
PowerGas Corporation established a greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting methodology around the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. This was designed to be consistent with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol developed by the World Resources Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development. PowerGas also works with The Climate Registry.
Question #7
Interested in finding out how much energy is used in relation to some type of business metric?
The PowerGas Corporation EIS Business Metrics Report has that ability. This feature allows users to determine the amount of energy used per business metric, like for example the amount of energy used per dollar of sales revenue. This capability gives organizations the metrics they need to make smart, effective decisions moving forward.
Question #8
Does your organization have facilities located in areas that have, or will soon have, mandatory energy usage disclosure ordinances?
Our EIS provides continuous energy accounting across an organization’s entire building portfolio. With this tool, PowerGas can lessen the burden associated with disclosure or other auditing requirements that are recurring. The practice of evaluating the relative energy efficiency of a building is known as “rating” and the sharing of such information with consumers is called “disclosure.” Both are simplified with the PowerGas EIS system.
Question #9
Wanting to become ENERGY STAR certified? Looking to benchmark facilities through the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager?
ENERGY STAR is an annual certification that requires access to actual metered data. With our EIS system, the data acquisition process is less cumbersome, even for multi-facility portfolios.
Question #10
Do you loath the annual utility budget process?
Our EIS can reduce the time required to build utility budgets. If you welcome the opportunity to conquer this task in days rather than weeks EIS may be the solution. Using EIS organizations can seamlessly develop allocations for any commodity the system is tracking.

PowerGas Solutions

PowerGas Solutions (PGS) provides energy procurement advisory services as well as on-site electric generation and thermal heating and cooling solutions (including microgrid projects). In addition, PGS works with “behind the fence” (i.e., off-grid and/or backup grid) renewable and low carbon generation with heating and cooling solutions from our alliance partners. PowerGas Solutions uses a variety of approaches in securing long-term and cost-effective procurement of energy supply.

Natural Gas and Electric Power Third-Party Procurement

PGS offers contract negotiation and energy procurement services. Furthermore, PGS can consult with clients seeking advisory services in acquiring or restructuring electric power and natural gas supply and associated contracts. Being able to offer a comprehensive suite of services allows PowerGas Corporation to serve clients from start to finish.

PowerGas Solutions (PGS) uses a variety of approaches in securing long-term and cost-effective procurement of energy supply. It is important to note that the lowest commodity cost may, in fact, not be the lowest cost solution. Actually, it represents only one measure of overall cost savings and efficiency.

On-Site Electric Generation, Thermal Heating and Cooling Solutions*

This component of our work involves energy solutions for facilities seeking combined heat and power (CHP) coupled with renewable resources such as solar, battery, and wind—integrating primary “off-grid” alternatives for sourcing electricity, heat and cooling. We Build, Own, Operate, Maintain (BOOM), and may provide 100% financing for projects greater than 5 MW with qualified counterparties. Smaller projects may qualify for 100% financing dependent on certain criteria.

  • PowerGas Corporation partners with Seguro Energy Development LLC and its strategic alliance partners Caterpillar Global Energy Solutions and Solar Turbines (a Caterpillar Company). PowerGas Corporation also has an integrated business relationship with Aquilavision. AquilaVision builds custom software solutions for managing data, information, events, and communications to move critical information to the right people at the right time. AquilaVision bridges the gap from data creation to a desired outcome or function with a patented, intelligent software, OTTER.

PowerGas Corporation is dedicated to building partnerships with various companies in the energy world so we can provide enhanced services and solutions to our clients. Our clients can be assured that they are gaining access to world-class, on-site energy reliability—at a price generally better than the utility.

Our alliance with Seguro Energy Development LLC allows us to provide clients with access to the best on-site Combined Heath Power (CHP) and Microgrid energy solutions.

Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a clean approach to generating electric power and useful thermal energy from a single fuel source—thus making it highly efficient. The use of CHP allows a facility to eliminate the need to purchase electricity from the distribution grid and separately burning fuel in an on-site furnace or boil for thermal energy. With CHP, a facility can use heat and power to provide both services in a single, energy-efficient step.

Per the Department of Energy (DOE), CHP is a clean energy solution that directly addresses a number of national priorities. This includes improving the competitiveness of the United States. In March of 2016, the DOE issued a statement that Combined Heat and Power achieves this by:

  • reducing energy operating costs
  • increasing energy efficiency
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • enhancing energy infrastructure
  • improving energy security and resiliency
  • growing the economy of the United States


A microgrid is a localized group of electricity sources and loads that operate connected to and synchronized with the traditional wide-area synchronous grid (macrogrid). Microgrids can also operate in an “island mode”—functioning independently as physical or economic conditions dictate.

Microgrids have the ability to effectively integrate various sources of distributed generation (DG). This is especially true for renewable energy sources (RES). Microgrids can also supply emergency power, as well as enabling the ability to transition between island and connected macrogrid modes.

Execution Strategy

When it comes to executing the offerings and strategies discussed above, PowerGas Corporation relies on the resources of our partner Seguro Energy Development LLC. Using their management team, equipment partners, and their vast array of experience, our power project strategies focus on large-scale commercial/industrial/governmental projects that seek CHP applications and/or microgrid solutions.

Seguro Energy Development capabilities involve projects using gas-fired reciprocating engines, gas-fired turbines, solar or photovoltaic systems, wind, and battery backup systems. These systems are available in various configurations and are integrated with a singular control system to offer seamless and reliable on-site energy solutions. Seguro Energy Development leverages its strategic alliance with Caterpillar’s Electric Power Group to successfully complete and ensure long-term reliability of power projects.

The projects of Seguro Energy Development LLC primarily range between 5 and 100 MW. Seguro’s customer markets include the following groups:

  • commercial and industrial facilities/installations
  • college and university campuses
  • food processing facilities
  • mines
  • district energy providers
  • healthcare facilities
  • paper mills
  • primary metal processing plants
  • hospitality properties
  • waste heat to power (WHP) entities
  • chemical plants
  • refineries
energy management

The technology deployed by Seguro Energy Development can scale to smaller or larger installations as well, depending on type, location, and other factors that must meet their established core criteria.